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Mini-Bain Rodent Manifold

Price: $750.00
In stock
Item Number: VAD-61014
Manufacturer: VAD
The VAD Mini-Bain Rodent Manifold can be used to anesthetize multiple animals simultaneously.  Each port can operate either in the open or closed position based on the needs of the investigator. 

-Five ports can accomodate up to five mice or rats.
-All ports operate with the same flow rate and concentration of anesthesia from a single fresh gas input.
-Each circuit will accommodate nose cones for mice or rats (9mm, 12mm or 14mm).  Comes standard with 12mm nose cones.
-The waste gas from each circuit passes through 22mm tubing to a common outlet that minimizes resistance for effective gas evacuation.   VaporGard Filter and 1 foot of evacuation tubing included with manifold. 

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